Eleanora di Toledo and her Son
by Agnolo Bronzino, 1545

Galeria degli Uffizi, Firenze

head décolleté upper sleeve belly & cuff

Eleanora di Toledo:
daughter of a Viceroy of Naples (of the Aragón family)
married Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Firenze, in 1539
+ 1562
The child is believed to be her firstborn son Francesco (1541-1587), also referred to as Giovanni. The Medici were an extremely rich bankers' family from Florence who had virtually ruled their home town for a century before they achieved dukedom in 1531.

There is another portrait of Eleanora in the same dress, but alone, in the Wallace Collection in London. The close-ups are taken from that one. The dress is said to be the one in which she was buried and which Janet Arnold described in Patterns of Fashion. It is certainly similar in shape, but the embroidery is completely different.

Agnolo di Cosimo aka Bronzino:
see Lucrezia Panciatichi



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