18th Century Late Baroque and Rococo Fashion, 1786-1799


Photographs of extant costumes are on the V&A page.

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Miss Gideon by Reynolds, 1786 Mrs Hibbert by Gainsborough, 1786

Neue Pinakothek, München

Sir Christopher Sykes and His Wife by George Romney, 1786 Marquesa de Pontejos by Goya, 1786

National Gallery of Art, Washington

Madame DuBarry by Vigée-Lebrun, 1787 Lady Caroline Price wearing a Rédingote, by Reynolds, 1787
Fashion Plate from Magasin des Modes, 1787


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Madame Molé-Raymond by Vigée-Lebrun, 1787 Marie-Antoinette by Vigée-Lebrun, 1788
Fashion Plate from Magazin des Modes, 1788 Geneviéve-Sophie le Coulteux du Molay by Vigée Lebrun, 1788
Les Lavoisiers by Jacques Louis David, 1788

Metropolitan, New York

The Stolen Kiss by Fragonard, c. 1788

Ermitage, Petrograd

Catherine Clements by George Romney, 1788

Neue Pinakothek, München

Jakob Fehrmann by himself, 1788
    Comtesse de La Châtre by Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, 1789
Walk in the Park 1780s

Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, München

Marquise de Sorcy de Thélousson by Jacques Louis David, 1790

Neue Pinakothek, München

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La belle et tendre Lyonaise from Galérie des modes, c. 1790 Maria Carolina di Napoli by Vigée-Lebrun, 1790
Maria Theresia von Österreich (?) by Vigée-Lebrun, 1790 Contesa d'El Carpio by Goya, 1792

Louvre, Paris

The Sons of Earl Talbot by Sir Thomas Lawrence, 1792

Neue Pinakothek, München

Mlle Rosalie Duthé by Henri-Pierre Danloux, 1792
Friedrich August von Sachsen by Louis Gauffier, 1793 Jacques Louis David by himself, 1794
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Mme Seriziat by David, 1795

Louvre, Paris

Jean-Baptiste Isabey and His Daughter by François Gerard, 1795
Monsieur Seriziat by ?, 1795

Louvre, Paris

Gaspar Melchior de Jovellanos by Goya, 1797

Prado, Madrid

Unknown Woman by Vigée-Lebrun, 1797 Merveilleuse spin-offs from Gallery of Fashion, 1797
Mariana Waldstein by Goya, around end of century

Louvre, Paris

Madame de Verninac by David, 1799

Louvre, Paris