Fashion in Contemporary Art: 1878 - 1884

'The Loge' by Mary Cassatt

For photographs of the 1880s to 1920s, see L'AtÚlier

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Mme Manet reclining by Edouard Manet, c.1878 Jeanne Samary in a ball dress by Auguste Renoir, 1878
Mme Charpentier by Auguste Renoir, 1878 Mme Guillemet at the Greenhouse, by Edouard Manet, 1879

Nationalgalerie, Berlin

Edma by Berthe Morisot Mme Pailleron by John S. Sargent, 1879

Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington

Lady Dressed for Town by Edgar Degas, 1879 Carolus Duran by Sargent, 1879

Sterling and Francine Clark Institute, Williamstown

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Mary Cassatt at the Louvre by Edgar Degas, 1879

Unknown Lady by unknown artist, 1880 (I was told it's the Polish actress Helena Modrzejewska by Andrzej Ajdukiewicz)

Five o'Clock Tea, afternoon dress by Mary Cassatt, 1880 The Three Graces by Marie Bracquemond, 1880
Lady in White by Marie Bracquemond, 1880 Terrasse in Sèvres by Marie Bracquemond, 1880
The Ass Ride by Eva Gonzalès, c.1880 Reading in the Forest by Eva Gonzalès
Les Parapluies, street suit by Auguste Renoir, 1881-82 Bar at Folies-Bergères by Edouard Manet, 1881
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Mme Lévy by Edouard Manet, 1882 A la modiste, street suit by Edgar Degas, 1882
Dance in the City by Auguste Renoir, 1883 Dance in the Country by Auguste Renoir, 1883

Ermitage, Petrograd

Mrs White in ball dress, by John S. Sargent, 1883

Corcoran Gallery of Art, New York

The Misses Vickers by John S. Sargent, 1884

City Art Galleries, Sheffield<

La Grande Jatte (I), promenade suit by Georges Seurat, 1884

Art Institute, Chicago

La Grande Jatte (II), another promenade suit by Georges Seurat, 1884