19th Century Fashion Pictures (1860-1875)


Photographs of extant costumes are on the V&A page.

Find some of the pattern counterparts of the fashion pictures (marked *) on the pattern page.

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Visiting, House Toilette (?), 1861 Winter Fashions, 1861
Summer Toilettes, 1861 Walking Dress, ?, 1861
Various Dresses, 1865 Crinoline Dresses (1), 1865 39K
Crinoline Dresses (2), 1865 54K Various Dresses, 1865
Various Dresses, 1865 Various Dresses, 1865
Various Dresses, 1865 Various Dresses, February 1866
Various Dresses, March 1866 Evening Dress, May 1866

of white and maize tarlatane

Various Dresses, June1866 Summer Robe for Young Lady, June 1866

of white and green organdy

Riding Habits, September 1866

dark green cloth with black trimmings and jet buttons

Walking Dress, February 1869 71K
Walking Dress, April 1869 87K Walking Dresses, June 1869 59K

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Evening Dress, July 1869 80K Carriage Dress with Mantilla, August 1869 69K
Walking Dress, September 1869 66K Walking Dress, September 1869 66K
House Dress, Evening Dress, Walking Dress, Carriage Dress, House Dress (from left), October 1869 87K Ball Dresses, 1872/73 51K
Evening Dresses, January 1874 49K 3 Walking Dresses, 2 Carriage Dresses, April 1874 87K
Carriage, Walking, Evening, Walking, Evening Dress, July 1874 85K 2 Walking Dresses, Carriage, Afternoon Dress, August 1874 72K
2 Carriage Dresses, House or Walking Dress, Carriage or House Dress, Walking Dress, December 1874 79K Bathing Costume, 1874 40K
Bathing Costume, 1874 32K Midwinter Dress, 1875 47K
Various Winter and Ball Dresses, 1975