19th Century Fashion Pictures (1885-1894)


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Walking Dress, February 1885

dark rich green woolen-twill with gold embroidered band

75K Black silk costume with un-cut India shawl wrap, February 1885 71K
Dinner Toilette, 1885

pale cendre-de-rose satin drapery and velvet underkirt and jacket

85K Walking Dresses, 1886
Evenig or Dinner Dress, Walking Dress, March 1885

1. prune velvet skirt, edged with beige satin baloyeuse, tablier of beige and prune shot silk, satin surah corsage, 2. mushroom-coloured wool goods

85K Skirt, June 1885

gathered overskirt attached to plain underskirt with a "yoke"

Summer House Dresses, June 1885 86K Various Dresses, 1887
Various Dresses, 1887 Various Dresses, 1887
Various Dresses, 1887 Various Dresses, 1887
Various Dresses, 1888 Various Dresses, 1888
Various Dresses, 1888    

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tailles, spring 1888
detail of garniture on left taille
detail of embroidery on right taille
60K dress made from embroidered fabric with lace fichu, late 1880s 32K
Visiting Toilette, late 1880s 51K house dress, late 1880s 82K
Ball Dresses, 1889
82K afternoon walking dresses, ~1890 (68K)
detail of taille and sleeve of the blue dress (22K)
Walking or Travelling Gown, June 1890 28K Cashmere and Moiré Gown, June 1890 31K
Waterproof Cloak, 1890 26K Evening Dress, 1890 33K
Evening Dress, 1890 32K Lady and Gentleman in the Street, 1890 30K
Blouse, 1892
an early example of the leg-of-mutton sleeve
Corset, 1894
Autumn Suit, October 1894
detail of embroidery
40K Autumn Suit, October 1894 36K
Elegant Taille Garniture, October 1894 32K Two Winter Coats, October 1894
detail of collar on left coat
Maids and Cooks, 1894 Two Evening Coats, November 1894 42K
Silk Dress, November 1894 43K Blouse with Paris Cut, November 1894 48K
Skating, November 1894 59K Bow Collar, December 1894 19K
Autumn Suit, October 1894 44K Dolman-style Jacket, December 1894 59K
Festive Waist, December 1894 40K Evening Dress of silk and pleated gauze, December 1894 52K
House Dress with fur, December 1894 44K Cook and Children, 1894 51K