19th Century Fashion Pictures (1895-1899)


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Suit for Young Ladies February 1895 50K Spring Suit, February 1895 45K
Wedding Dress, February 1895 87K Three Dressing Gowns, February 1895 63K
Ladies' Waistcoat, March 1895 23K Girls' School Dress, March 1895 37K
New Viennese Blouse, March 1895 48K Blouse, March 1895 46K
Two Spring Suits, March 1895 49K Bicycle Suit, April 1895 57K
Summer Dressing Gown, April 1895 43K Tennis Suit, May 1895 42K
Elegant Toilette, May 1895 63K Summer Suit, May 1895 56K
Bathing Suit, red cotton with lace, June 1895 28K Bathing Suit of white and blue linen, June 1895 42K

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Summer Suit, June 1895 37K Mountain Hiking Suit, July 1895 54K
Silk Promenade Dress, August 1895 64K Tennis dress, September 1895 53K
Two Street Suits, September 1895 52K Ball Dresses, 1896 81K
dress blouse, 1896 25K another dress blouse, 1896 25K
Ball Dresses, 1896 75K Dresses from Delineator, 1896
bolero, 1897 56K Spring Dress, 1898
Walking Dress, 1898 Walking Dresses, 1898
Summer Dresses, 1898 Olga Blouse, 1898 29K

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Tailcoat, Frock Coat, 1898 Double-breasted Promenade Frock Coat, Promenade Suit, 1898
Lounge Suit, Business Suit, 1898 Beach Suit, Summer Suit, 1898
Sport Suits: General, Riding, Cycling, Lawn Tennis, 1898 Summer Paletot, Sports Paletot, 1898
blouse taille, 1898 41+31K Sping Dresses, 1898
sporty dress for girls aged 8-10, 1899 25K Walking jacket for girls aged 12-14, 1899 33K
empire dress for girls aged 4-6, 1899 41K skirt for walking dress, 1899 55K
walking dress, 1899 35K velvet cape, 1899 38K
walking dress for girls aged 14-16, 1899 31K evening dress, 1899 40K
Evening Dress, 1899 Evening Cloak, February 1899
Summer Dress for Young Lady, June 1899 Reception Toilette, June 1899

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