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Plate from Godey's Lady's Book, 1866

From left:
1. Opera toilette, white glacé silk with scarlet velvet trim. Mantle of scarlet velvet spotted black and trimmed with white plush.
2. Dress of white corded silk, trimmed with flowers. Bodice trimmed with folds of crêpe.
3. Dress of blue glacé silk, trimmed with box-plaited ruffle. Overdress of white striped, partly translucent material and edged with pinked ruching.
4. Ball dress of buff silk with overdress of buff crêpe. Over-overskirt made of graduated sashes of black velvet, connected by bands of velvet.
5. Skirt of pink and white striped silk, looped at intervals by half moons of gold. Pink silk corsage over thin muslin waist. Pink plush opera cloak trimmed with black velvet and mother of pearl stars.