1900s Fashion Pictures


Everything marked * has patterns on the early 20th ct. pattern page.

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corselet skirt*, 1908 (13K) 13K empire dress*, 1908 (29K) 29K
empire dress*, 1908 (26K) 26K dress for German imperial court, 1908: The train flows from the waist (11K) 11K
dress for the English royal court, 1908: The train falls from the shoulders (12K) 12K decent sport for a lady (1): mountain hiking, 1908 (11K) 11K
decent sport for a lady (2): sailing, 1908 (5K) 5K decent sport for a lady (3): hunting, 1908 (4K) 4K
decent sport for a lady (4): golf, 1908 (5K) alt=5K decent sport for a lady (5): fencing, 1908 (5K) 5K
decent sport for a lady (6): horse riding, 1908 (11K) 11K decent sport for a lady (7): driving these newfangled infernal machines, 1908 (19K) 19K
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reform style street skirt (left) and visiting dress (right), 1908 (21K) 21K reform style house dress*, 1908 (16K) 16K
uniform for a maid, 1908 (18K) 18K kimono sleeve blouse, 1908 (12K) 56K
at the tailor's II (photograph), 1908 (29K) 23K at the tailor's (photograph), 1908 (40K) 40K
Travel and Walking Suit*, Summer 1909 Suit with Long Jacket, Paletot with New Style Collar, Suit with 3/4 Jacket, Autumn 1909
Elegant Visiting Suit, Autumn 1909 Wedding Dress, Autumn 1909
Dresses for Bridesmaid and Bride's Mother, Autumn 1909 Nil admirari by Olaf Gulbransson from Simplicissimus, 1910




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