Fashion Pictures 1900-1914

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Autumn or Winter Suit, 1911 Elegant, High-Waisted Suit, 1911
Fashion Design by Leon Bakst, 1912 Summer Dresses, July 1912
Tailor's Costumes, July 1912 Louis XV style modernised, July 1912
  Evening Dress, August 1912
Tailor's Afternoon Suit, August 1912 Simple Dess of Silk Taffeta, August 1912
Suit with Tunique Skirt, August 1912 Visiting Dresses of Modern Silhouette, for Future Mothers, December 1912
Evening Dress, December 1912 Beautiful Winter by Lendecke from Simplicissimus, 1913
Travel Suit, May 1913 Wedding Dresses, June 1913
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Swimsuit, June 1913 Chambermaid Uniform, 1913
Summer Dress with Jacket, July 1913 Silk Evening Coat, August 1913
Office Frock, 1913 Great Cape, August 1913
Man's Suit by Lendecke, 1914 Country and City Dress from Gazette du bon ton, 1914
Walking or travel Suit with Tunique Skirt, 1914 Bathing Suits, 1914