This small  patterned  woodblock  print  will  give
sophisticated charm to children's dresses and teen-
age  pajmas.    A  French  designer  would  trim  it
with a solid color.   Probably the dark blue  would
be used for this special color combination.
Quaint   foliage   prints   are  classic  for  children's
wear  for   aprons . . .   especially  in  the   fresher
colors.   This  fabric  was  chosen  first  because  it
shows a smart type of monotone; second, because
it uses the new capucine shade.
Small gingham checks are a recurring  favorite for
boys' shirts, children's frocks and aprons.   This
special combination of a  solid and broken check
offers a pleasing variation. The red or blue could
be used with white in sleeping pajamas.
Again we  have an  interesting use  of miniature
dots.   The photographic  effect shows an excel-
lent  balance  of color.   This is the sort of fabric
frequently  found  in  play  frocks  sold  by the
better shops. It will always be used with white.
The flower  and  foliage  design  above has the
close,  brushed effect seen in many of the new
French cottons. In the darker colors, it is good
for  older  women.   For  children's  wear,   the
lighter shades will be chosen.
Chosen to show a good modern effect achieved
by combining  three outstanding  motifs:   fine
lines, striped effect and dots. All the colors are
good  in this  monotone broadcloth.   Its many
uses are ovious.


The Cotton-Textile Institute, Inc., 320 Broadway, New York