Forgotten Fashion: The Head Special (1866-1894)


black straw hat with velvet and flowers, 1873, painted by Edouard Monet
hairdo 1873, painted by Albert von Keller
black straw hat with scarf, 1874, painted by Edouard Monet
hat with veil, 1874, painted by Edouard Monet
1875, painted by Edgar Degas
ball hairdo 1875, painted by Berthe Morisot
winter felt hat, 1878, painted by Edouard Monet
Rubens hat, summer 1878
straw hat, summer 1878
yellow ribbon-tied hat, 1879, painted by Edouard Manet
1879, painted by Berthe Morisot
1880, painted by Eva Gonzalès
hairdo 1880, painted by Marie Bracquemond
straw hat with golden atlas silk and brown velvet leaves, spring 1880
white lace hat, 1880, from front, painted by Marie Bracquemond
same hat from side, painted by Marie Bracquemond
white ribbon-tied lace hat, 1880, painted by Mary Cassatt
black felt hat, probably for riding dress, 1881, painted by Edouard Manet
ribbon-tied hat on a stand, 1882, painted by Edgar Degas
ribbon-tied straw hat with flowers, 1882, painted by Edgar Degas
big black feathered hat, similar to the 1880 model, 1882, painted by Edouard Manet
Hairdos ("Modes"), 1885
Hairdos, 1885
Hairdos, 1885
Hairdos, 1885
hairdo 1890, painted by Marie Bracquemond

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