Young Collection


Children of Conrad Rehlinger by Bernhard Strigel, 1511 Saxon Princess by Cranach, 1517

National Gallery of Art, Washington

Saxon Prince by Cranach, 1517

National Gallery of Art, Washington

Duke Wilhem IV of Bavaria and His Wife Jacobäa von Baden with Children by Peter Gärtner, 1534

Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, München

Duke Wilhem IV of Bavaria and His Wife Jacobäa von Baden with Children by Peter Gärtner, 1534

Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, München

Girl with a Book by Bronzino, 1545

Uffizi, Firenze

Commoner's Child from Silesia by Hans Weigel, 1577 Nurse with Baby by Frans Hals
Mrs Rombouts & Her Daughter by Anthonis van Dijck, c1632

Alte Pinakothek, München

Signing the Marriage Contact by Abraham Bosse, 1633
Lords John and Bernard Stuart by van Dijck The Capel Family by Cornelius Johnson, c. 1640

National Portrait Gallery, London

Kronprinz Friedrich of Prussia and His Sister Wilhelmine by Pesne, 1714

Morning Toilette by Chardin, 1740s

Kronprinz Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia by Pesne, c. 1746 Maria Theresia of Austria and Family by Martin van Meytens
Family Portrait by Drouais, 1756: Child The Clive Family by Reynolds
The Marlborough Family left, right by Gainsborough, c. 1778 Sir William Pepperrell and Family, by John Singleton Copley, 1778
The Artist's Family by Johann Anton Tischbein, 1779

Museum für hamburgische Geschichte

The Sons of Earl Talbot by Sir Thomas Lawrence, 1792

Neue Pinakothek, München

Jean-Baptiste Isabey and His Daughter by François Gerard, 1795 Mother and Child, 1810
The Buck Family by Adam Buck

Lady and Boy, 1830

possibly mis-dated - later 1830s?


Johanna and Wilhelm Fischer by Ludwig Aumont, 1838

Museum für hamburgische Geschichte

Girl of 9-11, 1852
Boy of seven, 1852 Boy of five and girl of 11-14, 1852
Girl of six or seven 1852 Boy of six, 1852
Girl of 9-11, 1852 Boy of 5-6, 1852
Boy of 4 and girl, 1858 Little girl & little boy, 1858
Various Children's, 1858 Nansouk Dress, Poplin Dress for girl of 8-9, Russian Costume, 1859
Boy or Girl of 5-6, 1859 Organdy Dress for Girl, Marselles Dress for Boy, Barege Dressfor Girl, 1859
Cashmere Dress for Boy 4-5, Boy of 8, Delaine Dress for girl, 1859 Little Girl, 1866
Boy's suit, girl's street dress, girl's house dress, little child's dress, girl's dress, 1869 Girls' dresses and boy's suit, 1869
Young Miss, little child, 1869 The Railways, young woman and little girl by Edouard Manet, 1873
Two girls and two boys, 1874 A boy, three girls and a little child (unspecified), 1874
Boy's flannel dress, girl's poplin dress, girl's foulard dress, boy's kerseymere suit, 1874 Various Children's, 1877
Various Children's, 1877 Young girl's Scotch plaid dress, girl's cashmere dress, boy's knickerbocker suit, 1883
Girl's woolen plaid dress, girl's flannel dress, boy's cashmere dress, 1883 Young miss of 15, girl, little boy, 1883
little girl's dress, spring 1880 78K Mme Charpentier by Auguste Renoir, 1878

Skating, November 1894


Cook and Children, 1894

Boy's sailor suit, Little girl's frock, Dress for girl 8-11, 1894 Children dressed for Christmas, 1894
Suits for boys from 4 to 14, 1895

Girls' School Dress, March 1895

Two boys, one little girl, 1896 Dress for young miss, dress for girl 10-12, cycling dress for girl, for boy, 1896
Family dressed for Christmas, 1896 Frock for girl, dress for boy, dress for older girl, 1897
empire dress for girls aged 4-6, 1899 41K sporty dress for girls aged 8-10, 1899 25K
Walking jacket for girls aged 12-14, 1899 33K Children's Fashions, 1902

Suit for Boy 12-14, 1913

Dress for Girl 7-9, Dress for Girl 11-13, Suit for Boy 7-9, Suit for Boy 1-1 1/2, 1913

Suit for boy 10-12 yrs, Paletot for Boy 2-3 yrs, 1913

Suit for Boy 4-6 yrs, Bodice for Girl 9-11 yrs, Bodice for Girl 5-7, 1913

Coat for Girl 4-6 yrs, Coat for Girl 10-12, 1913

Coat for Boy 4-6, 1913

Suit, Shirt for Boy 8-10, Blouse for girl 8-10, 1913

Sailor Suit for Boy 6-8, 1913

Summer Suit for Boy 3-5, 1913

Bathing Suit for Girl 10-12, 1913

Dress for Girl 13-15, 1913

Coat for girls aged 8-10, 1923

Frock dress for girls aged 14-16, 1923

Sailor jacket for girls aged 10-12, 1923

Girl's Strap Skirt, 2 School Dresses, Wool Dress, 1941

Girl's Coat, Boy's Suit, School Apron, Boy's Coat, 1941

Various Children's , 1942

Girls' Dresses, 1942