Down Under - the Underwear Special

Corset Cover, 1858 The Honiton Skirt with Adjustable Bustle, 1858

The corset laces, as will be remarked, go on the back of the person. Th size of the bustle may be increased to any extent desired, by drawing the laces tighter.

Crinoline Made of the Best Watch-spring Steel, 1858 Adjustable Bustle Skirt, 1858
Joys of the Crinoline I , 1860s Joys of the Crinoline II , 1860s
Underskirt with Steels, 1885 Bustle Underskirt (tournure), 1885
Thomson's Patent Corset, 1885 Demorest Fine American Jean Corset, 1890
Corset, 1890 Corded Corset Waist, 1890
Corset, 1894

"In case of fainting, the patented busk makes it possible to open the corset without opening the waist"

Two Corsets, Spring 1895

"high shape, steel boning, breast formed with string inserts, available in waist widths 50-76 cm"


"medium high shape with real (left) and horn whalebone, available in 50-72 (left) and 56-84 cm waist width"

Undertaille, August 1895
Lightweight Sport and Health Corset with side lacing, September 1895 43K Cycling Corset, 1897
Knickers, August 1895 26K Corset, 1902
Corset, 1902

petticoat, 1908

back and front of a reformed corset, 1908 13K reformed shirt-drawers*, 1908 62K
back and front of a reformed bra*, 1908 16K corset*, 1908 20K
Corset, 1912 Corset, 1912

Bellyholder for "Young Woman", 1913

"young woman" is a euphemism for pregnant

Bra and reformed knickers, 1913
Body Support, 1914 Bra and Girdle, 1914

Underwear combination, 1914

Corset cover and drawers

54K Slips and petticoat, 1914 21K
Low-bust Tango corset, 1914 13K Net brassière, 1914 15K

Reducing corsets, 1914

"Scientifically constructed ...gently moulding the figure into a natural becoming position"

40K Front-lacing corset, 1914 28K
Corset, 1923 9K Girdle and Bra, 1923 4K
Shift, 1924 25K Petticoat Dress, 1924 5K
Girdle and Bra, 1928 12K Slip and Combination, 1936
Blouse-Knickers, 1936 Cami-Knickers, 1936
Maternity Corset, 1936 Cami-Knickers*, 1939 17K
Girdle and Bra, 1939 Girdle and Bra, 1939