Tatted Edging 1895

Here's a translation of the instructions, created by Ann Wilson for the e-tatters mailing list:

It starts out with information on the type of thread. The pattern itself is 2 large rings (flower petals) have 7 ds, 1 p, 7 ds, 1 p, 5 ds, 1 p, 8 ds. Then there are 8 (?) smaller rings: 7ds, join, 8 ds, 1 p, 6 ds, 1 p, 6 ds. Off the middle ring work a very small ring of 11 ds. The edging with another thread is worked: 10 ds on the ball thread, one ring of 4 ds, 1 p,( or join to the previous ring) 3 ds, join to the flower ("pansy"), 2 ds, 1 p, 3 ds, 1 p, 4 ds.


Above translation is (c) 2001 by Ann Wilson. Reproduced with kind permission.