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Dies Blatt gehört der Hausfrau, Christmas number 1896

Details: Dad & the Baby, Girl with doll, Mum & boy & girl with lace collar

In keeping with the season, a picture of a happy family celebrating Christmas. There's the inevitable tree - with real candles, of course - and presents that children of our day and age would only yawn at. Note the little house beneath the tree: It's probably made of gingerbread. We had them when I was a kid, with cotton posing as smoke coming out of the chimney. The problem was that by Christmas, they were hard and tasted somewhat dusty.

What's funny is that the whole family seems to be decked out in holiday finery: Mum in a lavishly embroidered dress, one girl with a lace collar, the boy in a sailor suit - but Dad wears a house jacket. It does have some cording and a cord belt with nice tassels, but it's still a leisurely kind of garment. If it wasn't for the stiff-looking collar, I would be the most comfy garment in the room. As it is, the baby seems to be better off.

I wish those of you who celebrate it a happy Christmas.
And everybody else a happy midwinter festival of your choice. ;)


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