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Fashion plate

from the magazine Deutsche Moden-Zeitung vol 1928-29

There is no proper date with the magazine, just the info that it's vol. 1928/29. Yearly volumes often ran from autumn to autumn, and this one talks of fashions for spring on its inner pages. So I deduce that this picture represents the fashions of spring 1929.

This is what the texts says about these two dresses:

1. Sportive dress - This summer-like bordered fabric looks very nice. A blue suede belt of the colour of the border looks good with this dress. You'l need 3,3 ,etres of fabric, 100 cm wide.

2. Afternoon dress. This dress of patterned crêpe de chine is very suitable for the more mature lady. White georgette, edged with coloured trim, makes for a cute trimming that lends this dress the typical female note. A georgette falbala at the en of the narrow sleeve completes the trimming.

In addition to the above I would like to point out the V-neck on both dresses, which is typical for the 20s, and the downward tips in the seam of the right-hand dress, which are commonly considered typical of the 1920s but are, in fact, restricted to the very late 1920s, i.e. 1928-29. The same is true for the cloche hats both figures are wearing.


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