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Picture of the Month




A young woman by Bastiano Mainardi (1466-1513)

Since this is only a half- month picture, I thought I'd select something that's similar to the one before. It is another example of the Northern Italian, late 15th century school of profile portraits. Museum people have dated it to the 1490s.

This lady clearly is a bit older than the one in the April picture: The line from nose to mouth is more pronounced, the facial expression more serious, and the neckline covered with what may be the ancestor of the goller, a 17th/18th century neckline cover. The linen is sheer and embroidered in qhite thread along the sleeve edge. The row of "V"s along the neckline could also be embroidered into the cover, but it follows the neckline so nicely that it's either embroidery on the garment that's seen through the cover, or artistic license.

The head covering is similar to that in the April pricture, but somewhat different. Most striking is the oval patch with locks. I'd understand if someone wore false locks to compliment their own, but these are clearly artificial.


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