Picture of the Month


Parisian Fashion, 1828

As promised, not 18th century this time. I was looking for an Empire picture, but then I found this specimen. I've become used to seeing a lot of strange things in period fashion, but this one still made me laugh.

Above the picture, we read "Costumes Parisiens". I don't know any publication of that name, but it is quite possible that the fashion plate was bought from Paris and included in various publications thoughout Europe and North America. Those in Graham's Magazine, for example, bear the title "Le Follet" and French inscriptions.

The text under the picture reads: "Chapeau de satin orné d'un saule, de rubans et de chaines formées par des rouleaux de satin. Robe de velours plain garnie de fourrure. Manches de tulle."

A red hat with a high top, decorated with a huge ostrich feather, ribbons and, most importantly, a chain made of satin rolls that hangs down to about waist level of the wearer. A red hat, combined with a purple or sky blue robe. The robe is made of plain velvet and trimmed with bands of fur, Three of them run around the skirt, which seems to be supported by a stiff petticoat and a small bustle. More fur runs along the neckline and the sleeve tops, exaggerating the wide shoulder line. I have half a mind to call this the bat lady. The ribbons under the hat brims are the ears... Only her facial expression is a bit too demure for a bat.

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