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Concert by Jan Joszef Horemans, 1764

Sorry, it's 18th century again. My defense is that it was a special request.

There are many features in this picture that are interesting: A white, blue-patterned robe à la française (left), not unlike the one in the book "Fashion" which I call "porcelain dress". It is unusual that the patticoat is of a different colour than the robe, apparently red. There the dress skirt is turned back, we can see that's unlined: The printed or maybe painted patterns shows through the fabric. The blue robe opposite also comes with a red petticoat. The left figure and the lady in the middle wear black fichus, which is also unusual: Most fichus are white. To the far right of the picture we see a maid in a brown jacket with a sable-coloured, patterned bib apron. The skirt seems to be blueish ir grey. This shows that patterned aprons were apparently also in use.

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