1930s Style

Accessoires, Hüte, Frisuren und Schuhe der 1930er
Accessoires, Hats, Hairdos and Shoes of the 1930s

During the preparations for a there party, I noticed that I knew what the overall style of the time looked like - that is, dress, hairdo and accessories seen in one picture - but if i saw any one item by itself, I couldn't place it. Were those shoes in my favourite vintage shop 1920s or 1930s? Was that handbag appropriate for 1950s dress? I don't want to go through all my period fashion magazines every time, so I decided to make this compliation. I hope it helps you, too.

Any gaps or imbalances in the compilation are due to gaps in my collection. You're welcome to remedy that by sending me pictures - but not trolled stuff, please!

Während der Vorbereitungen für eine Mottoparty fiel mir auf, daß ich zwar die diversen Modestile in ihrer Gesamtheit kenne, aber einen einzelnen Gegenstand kann ich nicht recht zuordnen. Sind die Schuhe in meinem liebsten Antik-Klamottenladen 1920er oder 1930er? Geht diese Handtasche für 1950er? Ich möchte nicht jedesmal alle meine zeitgenössischen Modejournale durchwühlen müssen. Deshalb habe ich diese Übersicht zusammengestellt. Ich hoffe, sie hilft Dir auch.

Lücken in der Zusammenstellung sind die Folge von Lücken in meiner Sammlung. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Du die Lücken füllen könntest, indem Du mir Bilder schickst - aber bitte nichts zusammengeklautes!


Apparently 1920s cloche hats continued to exist for a few years, as did the wavy hairstyles.
The shoes also look very much like those of the 20s
The hairdos and one of the hats still look very like the 1920s.
The shoes also lokk very 1920s, but in many plates there were rather modern-looking pumps like the ones in the right picture.
Mostly flat hats, two berets, and soft caps.
Most shoes look like modern pumps, rarely loafers.

Alsmost exclusively clutch bags, longish-oblong or trapezoid. Almost exclusively gauntlet gloves.
Wide-brimmed hat are coming in for summer wear. Upturned front brims are frequent.
Mostly closed punps with straight heels.
Still mostly clutch. In three cases, what seems like a handle or strap also serves as closure. Interesting.
More male-looking, fedora-like hats. Often cocked, with front brim pulled down.
Three samples of laced pumps. Seems to be a trend.
First example of non-gauntlet gloves for years.
The belt in the colour pic goes with the diagonally striped handbag above, and a striped scarf in the same colours. Nifty.
More high-lacing pumps. It really was a trend.
I'm relieved to see two bag with handles, more than in the years before.
They seemed to go in for huge belt buckles in 1936.

Those cut-off cone shapes are still around, but not quite as frequent. The mannish styles are more frequent than shown here; I just got fed up with scaning them over and over again.
More and more handles! And still gauntlet gloves.
Not many belts in the 1937 issues.
Hats that tie under the chin, and some rather strange stuff, e.g. the kast three. The 2nd but last is actually oblong with the two upper corners slopping forward, easy to make yourself. And the last one - there was a similar one in 1936 and I've seen similar in the early 40s. I think it's knitware, jersey (something elastic at any rate) with a circle of wire in the top.
More low-heel styles that in the preceding years.
I have quite a lot of 1938 magazines, but this is the only useable belt pic they yielded. Maybe they're going out of fashion. Most dresses have something belt-like built in.
The cut-off cones seem to be growing into stove pipes.
We've seen upturned brims since 1935 but they seem to become more frequent - and higher.
Three pairs of peep-toe sling-backs!

And now, look at the 1939 faces and scroll back to 1930! See it?