Assistants of Beauty


4. Appendix: Historical measurements and Links

Measurement units used in the recipes

Gran 0,0683 g
Drachme 3,65 g
Loth 14,6 - 17,5 g
Unze (ounce) 29,2 g
Pfund (pound) 350,8 g
Nösel (Nößel) 0,418 l
Maaß (Maß) 1,023- 1,41 l


Source: German Genealogy: old units. Some units are diffent from region to region. I've used the apothecary's units wherever possible since those were probably used by the author.


Links to suppliers and info

Omikron GmbH - mail and online ordering of chemicals and cosmetics ingredients.

Kremer Pigmente - Pigment and dye dealer with shops worldwide and online ordering. Also comes with a quite good pigment lexicon.