Forgotten Fashion: The Head Special (1400-1855)

Zooming in on very important fashion accessories that is often overlooked, however prominently it is placed: hats, caps, bonnets, hairdos and hair ornaments.

Woman's coiffure, Italian, 1475
Rich merchant lady's bonnet, German, by Albrecht Dürer 1499
Man's hat, German, 1517
Woman's Bonnet, English, by unknown painter 1530
Man's hat, English, by Holbein 1536
Man's hat, English, by Holbein 1540
hair ornament, Italian, 1540, by Bronzino
hair net, Italian, 1545, by Bronzino
hairdo for Spanish court dress, Spanish, 1599, by de la Cruz
male hairdo, English, 1600, by unknown artist
Lady's hairdo, Italian, 1606, by Rubens
female hat, Flemish, 1609, by Rubens
hairdo for Spanish court fashion, German, 1613, by Pieter de Witte
Lady's hairdo, Flemish, 1623
Woman's hairdo, 1635, unknown artist
female hairdo, English, 1636, by van Dyck
Woman's bonnet, Dutch, 1662, by Caspar Netscher
lady's hairdo, Dutch, 1665, by Vermeer
lady's hurluberlu hairdo, English, 1682, by Mignard
lady's fontange, French, 1790s
Man's wig, 1718
Boy's wig, 1729
Ringlet hairdo, French, by Jean-Etienne Liotard 1750
lady's hairstyle, French, by Boucher 1756
bergère hat, 1760s
The painter's daughter by Johann Georg Ziesenis
man's hairdo, English, by Reynolds 1765
elderly lady's bonnet, American, by Copley c1770
Lady's hairdo, French, painted by Fragonard 1773
lady's hairdo, English, by Gainsborough 1775
Lady's tower hairdo, English, 1777
Two towering ladies and their sister, English, by Reynolds 1780
Man's wig, English, by Reynolds 1785
Pigtail wig, last quarter of 18th c.
Young woman's giant hat, English, by Reynolds 1786
Catherine Clement's giant hat, by George Romney 1788
Man's hairdo, French, painted by Fragonard 1790
Lady's hat, 1830
Bonnet, 1852
Bonnet, 1852
Bonnet, 1852
Bonnet, 1852
Bonnet, 1852
hairdo 1855, painted by Moritz von Schwindt
hat with bow, 1855, painted by Moritz von Schwindt

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