Patterns for Needlework
Miscellaneous Techniques

Veil edges in tulle 1866
Design for crochet, netting, or Berlin work 1866
Fancy Feathers 1866
Woolen braid trimmings 1869
Chinese pattern in appliqué on net 1874
Ball fringe 1874
Border in appliqué 1877
Drawn-thread insertion 1877
Skirt trimming 1883
Bead trimmings 1897
Tablecloth design 1897
Insertion 1887
Collar in net application 1905
Fan in application 1906
Insertion in drawnwork for blouse 1913
Blouse in filet 1913
Printed & embroidered collar & cuffs 1913
Knitted summer glove 1913
Knitted & filet stockings 1913
Knitted Man's House Jacket 1924



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