Treasures of the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, München

The costumes and jewellery, with the exception of the cape of Duke Wilhelm, are taken from the crypt of the noble Pfalz-Neuburg family of Lauingen, so their condition is unusually delicate. Three of the garments are described in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion.

Dress of Dorothea Sabina von Neuburg (+1598),

Brownish velvet and moss green silk petticoat, pale yellow undersleeves and greatsleeve lining. Trimmed with gold and silver lace. The top of the right greatsleeve has been removed when the tomb was opened and is now in a private collection.

Cape of Duke Wilhelm V. of Bavaria, late 16th century

Pendants, hairpin and brooches from the tomb of the Neuburg family

Necklaces of Amalia Hedwig von Neuburg, c. 1600. Gold, semiprecious stones and nuts.

Bracelets of the Neuburg Ladies, c. 1600. Gold, semiprecious stones

Glove, c. 1600



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