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Copyright on this Site

As the result of one person's intellectual effort, this site has the same copyright protection as a book. I am asking you to respect that.
I don't want to hog information, but I've spent a huge amount of effort in order to bring information to you for free, so I feel I am entitled to disliking the activities of people who simply grab my text and/or pictures and pass them off as their own effort.

Actually, any copyright question should be answered by the link at the bottom of each page, pointing to the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

For private use, such as private study or making costumes for yourself or friends without profit, text and images may be freely copied off this site and saved to disk or printed. However, many of the images are from other sources that are copyrighted in their own right. I can't give permission on behalf of the actual copyright owners, of course. Those images are usually identified by a comment that states the source, e.g. CGFA or Bildindex.

For re-publication in school papers, university theses, forums, private blogs or personal websites, the paintings, fashion plates and texts are free for the taking as long as this here site is properly referenced (papers: sources list, websites: link; see also APA's Recommended Electronic Reference Formats) as a source. The above caution about content from other sources applies, too. Please read the "bandwidth theft" paragraph below! As for other material, such as music or pattern sheets I have prepared, please ask.

Even for the above two uses, images displayed as decorative items directly on a page (such as the border down the left edge of this page, or paintings fading into black as seen on most "index" pages) are not for the taking as they have exclusively been prepared for use on this website.

Commercial use (i.e. if the material on this site helps you to earn money, either directly or indirectly) of anything, text or image, is strictly forbidden unless I give express permission. This also encompasses making costumes or patterns based on patterns published here.

If you're not sure into which category a project you plan to use my content for falls or whether I actually have authority to give permission for a certain image, please contact me.

And as a small reward for your having found your way here and having read the above hoping that you'll heed it, I'll now tell you that you can, for aforementioned non-commercial and educational purposes, copy images from this site by accessing them through the image search, or by disabling javascript in your browser.

Interactive Parts of this Site

There are currently two parts of this site that are interactive, i.e where content is generated by persons other than myself:

Whatever is posted therein is the intellectual property of the poster alone. I don't take responsibility of any kind for it and I don't monitor any, especially not the postcards which I consider personal, between sender and adressee only. I reserve the right to remove any content I consider indecent, insulting or unlawful as well as double postings by the same originator with the same content (only the surplus copies, of course).


Bandwidth Theft

Definition of the term: Loading any content from another website so that it appears to be content of one's own webpage, blog, or forum posting.

See also the Wikipedia article on the subject.
See also FAQ page: "link".

You include in your webpage, a web forum posting, blog entry, email or a mailing list posting an image located at www.marquise.de, e.g. by using the tag <img src=http://www.marquise.de/somedirectory/image.jpg> or by specifying one of my images as your forum avatar. Whenever your page (or forum or blog posting) is accessed, the image is loaded from www.marquise.de, adding to my data throughput.
You link non-HTML content (images, MIDI files etc) located on my site from yours, from a mailing list or blog using a link, e.g. the <a href="http://www.marquise.de/music/mozart.mid"> tag.
(3) You use one of my MIDI files as background music using a link like e.g. <bgsound="http://www.marquise.de/music/mozart.mid">

Another variety is putting a link directly to an image or any other non-HTML content, similar to examlple (2) above. If there is anything on your page to indicate just where the link goes (a kind of credit), that is OK. Otherwise, no.

I have put almost all images of this site into webpages of their own which you can freely link to. If the image you want to link to does not sit on a webpage of ts own, please contact me.

Like so many webmasters, I have to pay my webspace provider for each byte downloaded from my site if a certain limit is exceeded - and I'm pretty close to exceeding the limit even without the "help" of bandwidth thieves. If you do anything like the above examples, you have the profit of enhancing your site with images and/or sound while I have to pay for it. Do you think that's fair? Well, I think it's not. Therefore I will tread heavily on the toes of anybody caught doing it. Consider that if you directly link one of my pictures, I have the power to change whatever your visitor sees. I have been known to replace "stolen" pictures with yukky porn pics and stolen Vivaldi MIDIs with AC/DC.

If what you're about to do sounds even remotely like the descriptions above, please contact me and I'll tell you whether it's OK or what you should do to make it OK.

Copyright on my Sources

This site has grown over the years out of a single page - my knowledge of copyright issues has grown with it. In the beginning, I didn't care much; I didn't even take notes of just where I had found an image or a quote. They were all for my personal use, after all - the webpage came much later. It's a common mistake among nascent webmasters, but a mistake nonetheless. Anyway, the sources of some images here are not even traceable anymore. My apologies to whoever may find their copyright infringed; I never intended any harm. I have, once I had learned, taken care to credit my sources and if possible ask the owners for permission to publish their images here. In some cases I never got a reply (and no failure notice, either) and chose to regard that as consent. If you find anything here that you are the owner of and object to its being published here, please contact me and tell me so, and I will make whatever amends you require, be it removal or a different kind of credit.

This site is a mélange of scientific publication, practical advice, interaction and research report. As the purpose of this site is completetely noncommercial and educational, I take the liberty of quoting copyrighted sources even without express permission (like I learned to do at school and university), although I avoid it if I can out of consideration for the interest of the copyright owner. It's just that sometimes I can't make a point without illustrating/proving it by using copyrigthed material.



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