17th Century Baroque Fashion, 1627-1635

Photographs of extant costumes are on the V&A page.

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Dancing Lesson by Pieter Codde, 1627 38K The Painter Jan de Wael and His Wife Gertrud de Jode by Anthonis van Dijck, c1627-32 25K
The 1st Duke of Hamilton by David Mytens, 1629 Marie Louise de Tassis by van Dijck, 1629
The Dentist by Jan Miense Molenaers, 1629

North Carolina Museum of Art

Dancing Party by Pieter Codde, 1630 Susanna Pellicorne with Daughter by a student of Rembrandt, 1632/33

Wallace Collection, London

Flemish Couple by unknown artist, c1630 Hélène Fourment in Wedding Dress by her husband Rubens, c1630

Alte Pinakothek, München

Maria Anna of Hungary by Velázquez, 1630 Entertainment at Mayor Rockox' House by Francis Francken, c1630-35

Alte Pinakothek, München

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Philip IV of Spain by Velázquez, 1631

National Gallery, London

Merry Company by Pieter Codde, 1631
Charles I of England by Daniel Mytens, 1631

National Portrait Gallery, London

Sir Endymion Porter by Anthonis van Dijck, 1632

Prado, Madrid

Ainolfo de' Bardi by Carlo Dolci, 1632 Fortune Teller by Georges de la Tour, 1632

Metropolitan, New York

Mrs Rombouts & Her Daughter by Anthonis van Dijck, c1632

Alte Pinakothek, München

Signing the Marriage Contact by Abraham Bosse, 1633
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The Evening of the Wedding by Brosse, 1633 The Ball by Brosse
Flemish Gentleman, artist unknown The Chemist at the Sickbed by Brosse
Allegory of Taste and Smell, artist unknown Lady in Black Dress by Jacques Dumonstier
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Lords John and Bernard Stuart by van Dijck Young Man by Jan Lievens
Maria Olycan by Frans Hals, c. 1635 Henrietta Maria by anonymous, c. 1635

National Portrait Gallery, London

Musical Society by Bosse. c1635

Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris

108K Maria Anna of Spain, Electoress of Bavaria, 1635

Residenz, München




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