Timeline 1: 1830-1869



large hats;
sloping shoulders widened and accented by berthe;
large, puffed sleeves;
A-line ankle-length skirts;
heel-less shoes laced with ribbon


small bonnets framing the face;
sloping, narrow shoulders, not accented;
bodice closely follows figure;
dome-shaped floor-length skirts with crinoline


bonnets framing the face;
sloping, narrow shoulders;
large fichus;
crinoline emphasises backside


small hats, bonnets set back on head;
V-line bodice with pagoda sleeves;
crinoline reaches maximum circumference & spreads to all sides like a dome


small hats, bonnets set back on head;
straight sleeves;
crinoline still large, spreads mostly to back


small hats tilted towards forehead;
straight sleeves;
square necklines;
crinoline emphasises backside;
polonaise draperies




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