Timeline 2: 1870-1889



small hats tilted towards forehead;
straight sleeves;
square necklines;
crinoline emphasises backside;
polonaise draperies


"second Rococo":
small hats on a high hairdo;
sleeve often with large cuffs;
bodice long & widening at waist with hem gathered up in polonaise;
much skirt drapery and garniture;
large bustle plus drapery strongly emphasises backside


small hats and bonnets atop high hairdo;
bodice long and tight round the hips;
skirt narrow at sides, no bustle, widens into train


lower hairstyles & slightly larger hats;
bodice plain, even longer and tighter;
skirt narrow on all sides with horizontal drapery, pleats etc;
cylindrical silhouette with "legs tied together" look


larger hats;
beginning inclination towards standing collar;
bodice plain, shorter & very waisted;
tunique and apron draperies on skirt;
small bustle over backside


higher collar;
more skirt drapery with lace, ruffles, flounces;
maximum bustle size


high hats tilted back;
bodice more decorated;
fewer and simpler draperies;
small bustle or pad




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