Timeline 3: 1890-1909



hats or bonnets tilted back;
bodice decorated;
sleeves sometimes slightly puffed at shoulder;
wide belts;
few and simple draperies;
skirt often partially pleated;
no bustle


highly decorated hats, often with "horns" of feathers sticking up;
huge sleeves;
bodice with loose top fabric;
belts continue
A-line skirt, no draperies


smaller sleeve puffs higher up;
shoulders emphasised e.g. by flaps;
extremely small waist;
slightly forward-leaning posture;
skirt slighly flaring, usually without train


large hats on top of head;
high hairdos;
very high collar with tips under ears;
straight, small sleeves;
highly decorated "blouse waist" bodices;
bell-shaped double skirt, often with train


large hats tilted forward;
high collar;
exaggerated S-curve posture;
sleeves flaring or with puff behind wrist;
suits begin to have jackets over blouse;
bell-shaped skirt


large hats;
extremely high collar;
bodice with complicated closing methods, false waistcoats, garniture;
belt with downward tip;
A-line skirt often without train


hats even larger;
collar still high;
skirs become narrower, jackets longer;
posture straightens;
reformed dress is acceptable




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