Timeline 4: 1910-1919



huge hats;
standing collar vanishes;
long jackets over blouse or dress;
bodice loosens;
hourglass body vanishes;
high waistline;
skirt tighter, straight ("hobble skirt");
imitation of male suits becomes normal


smaller hats;
jackets longer with wide revers;
skirt hem longer around ankles in back forming U-shaped folds;
assymetric cut and pinstripes - more imitation of male suits


short hair gains popularity;
raglan sleeves;
jackets slightly shorter
overskirts or panier-like skirt additions


bizarre hat shapes evolve;
raglan sleeve;
jackets develop waist & prolong into overskirts;
double skirts popular;
corsets become rare;
skirts get wider


very high waist;
skirts become very wide ("war crinoline") & shorter (mid-calf/ankle);
boots that look like black pumps over white socks


hats getting more bizarre;
waist drops & loses shape - development towards straight 20s silhouette begins;
jackets longer;
skirts less wide, longer (ankle)



new large collar shapes;
skirts narrower, shorter;
silhouette straightens


waist drops & almost vanishes;
skirts shorter;
boots go, pumps come




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