Timeline 6: 1930-1939



Sudden change from the low 20s waist to a natural waist which ist emphasised by belts.
Lengthened, slim line; the skirt widens only from the knees down.


The skirt grows slightly longer, the shoulders are emphasised more. Extravagant sleeve shapes and trims liven up the severe vertical line.


The skirt grows even longer and narrower, the shoulder line is emphasised even more. Unusual sleeve cuts persevere.



The wide shoulders/narrow vertical line trend continues and reaches its height. Clever details such as ruched centre front line, but basically no change from 1931 except for the skirt length, which has grown considerably shorter since 1935 and is now shorter than even in 1931.


The vertical line is loosened up; skirts grow wider again.
The shoulder line is still emphasised. Even stronger similarity with the angular male clothing of the time. The bowl-like hats of the 20s make way for Tyrolean-style ones.



Skirts become so short that they only just cover the knees. Straight, angular lines continue and become even more severe.


The pictures were taken from the magazines Petit Journal de la Mode, Praktische Damen- und Kinder-Mode and Deutsche Moden-Zeitung.



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