recueil des planches

During the 1760s and 1770s, the Académie Française published a massive encyclopedia (about 20 folio-sized volumes) dealing exclusively with the crafts and trades. It was accompanied by almost as many volumes of engraved plates of illustrations. The following plates are from these supplements, either illustrating fashion-related trades or depicting people going about their trade.

L'art du Tailleur d' habits et des corps (tailor of men's clothes and stays):

L'art du Boutonier en passementerie (parchment button maker)

L'art du découpeur & gaufreur d'étoffes (fabric pinking)

The shoemaker

L'art du Cloutier d'Epingles (nail maker)

L'art du brodeur (embroiderer)

Tapis de Turquie (turkish carpets?)

Tapisserie des Gobelins (gobelin weaver)



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